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Matica Edisecure XID8300

EdiSecure XID 8300 Kartendrucker


The modular, one- or double-sited printing Matica EDIsecure ® XID 8300 Retransfer Printer was developed for industrial purposes and is equipped with different optional modules like a card-turning-station, encoding module and Bend-Remedy Station for production of flat ISO compliant cards.

Building on the proven and successful used, extremely solid XID retransfer Technology the printer enables „Plug- and Play“ Inline coding and lamination. Due to the perfect combination of reliability, performance and affordable prices, as well as a compact size the XID 8300 is the best solution for printing long living, secure ID cards. Even on more demanding surfaces of chip cards, XID 8300 reaches a highly accurate printing quality, near offset-quality. The printer can fulfil your individual demands and can according to your requirements be equipped.


Product Features and Characteristics:

  • One-sited or double-sited retransfer printer with space-saving internal assembly of different optional modules like encoding modules and Bend Remedy stations.
  • Modern, industrial, compact design
  • Electronical security locks for a secure access to card and consumable materials
  • Edge-to-edge print with excellent photo quality
  • High-speed print with up to 100 cards per hour
  • Detachable card hopper for 200 cards and highest colour ribbon capacity for simple handling and continuous usage.
  • Color-coded cartridges for colour ribbons and retransfer films to simplify padding of consumable materials at the device´s front side.
  • Removable and reusable cleaning roles
  • Robust ARTRansfer film for long living cards
  • Lifetime guarantee for printer head
  • Minimized damage risk, because the printer head isn´t directly touching the card
  • Supplies box for cleaning sets, cleaning cards…
  • Optional one- and dual-sided lamination to increase durability and security of the cards